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[23 Jan 2005|12:57pm]
New LJ!!! preppy_queen  add me, it's friends only, so yeah! bye bye cheerch1ca_boom!
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sign! now! [22 Jan 2005|01:47pm]
A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it weren't kittens that were put in to little bottles after being given a muscle relaxant and then locked up for The rest of their lives! The cats are fed through a straw and have a small tube for their Feces.The skeleton of the cat will take on the form of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the opportunity to move. They are used as original and exclusive souvenirs. These are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If you think you can handle it, view www.bonsaikitten.com and have a look at the methods being used to put these little kittens into bottles.

This petition needs 500 names, so please put yours on it! Copy the text into a new email and put your name on the bottom,then send it to everyone you know!

1) Vicky Prat, Canada
2) Alan Julian, Kitchen, Canada
3) Tim Meths, Kitchen, Canada
4) Erin Lindsay, Kitchen, Canada
5) Jody Fisher, Quickener, Canada 6) Jessica Wallets, Kitchen, ON
7) Kathryn Soutane, Peterborough, ON
8) Julia Fife, Peterbrough, ON
9) Melody Thomas, Peterborough, ON, Canada
10) ~*Chrissy*~ Ontario Canada
11) Cheryl- Ontario Canada
12) Katie-Quebec Canada
13) Kinder Kearns-Quebec Canada
14) Jodi Tubman~Shawville Quebec Canada
15) Emily~Ontario Canada
16) Lauren Hall-Ontario Canada
17) Kristen Logan- Ontario Canada
18) Adrian Hinson - Ontario Canada
19) Alight McLeod- Ontario, Canada
20) Andrew Stewart - Ontario Canada
21) Caitlin Langdon - Ontario, Canada
22) Katie Dungeon- Ontario, Canada
23) Katie Dews- Ontario, Canada
24) Nicole R- Ontario, Canada
25) SHARON KENNEDY - Ontario, Canada
26) Katherine Graham- Ontario, Canada
27) Samantha Fox-Ontario, Canned
28) Wendy Fox-Ontario, Canada
29) Steven Fox- Ontario, Canada
30) Mallory Fox-Ontario, Canada
31) Jessica Fox-Ontario, Canada
32) Anne McLennan, Ontario Canada
33) magma trios, Ontario, Canada
34) Isabelle Kolodziej, Ontario, Canada
35) Tang Boracic, Canada
36) Stephanie Dorture, ON Canada
37) JA mess Truster, ON, Canada
38) Sandra Crooning, OT, Canada
39) Sack Bleacher, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
40) Taylor Vaughn, East Lansing, MI USA
41) Alex Rutkowski, Ann Arbor, MI USA
42) Sara Jozefiak, Ann Arbor, MI USA
43) Laura, Michigan "USA
44) Bryan, Michigan, USA
45) Nicole Ray, Michigan, USA
46) Nicole, Michigan, USA
47) Sonja, Michigan, USA
48) Lindsey, Michigan, USA
49) Marilee, Michigan, USA
50)Rajsh, Michigan, USA
60) Bowie, New York, USA
61) Odessa, Michigan, USA
62) Errand, Michigan, USA
63) Sara, Michigan, USA
64) De, Michigan, USA
65) Nick, Michigan, USA
66) Sam, Michigan, USA
67) Alive, Michigan, USA
68) Ink, Michigan, USA
69) Joe, Michigan, USA
70) Bryan, Michigan, AU
71) De, Michigan, USA
72) Vjorela, Michigan, USA
73) Rei, Michigan, USA
74) Tony, Michigan, USA
75) Erotic, Michigan, USA
76) Rachel, Michigan, USA
77) Ashley, Michigan, USA
78) A lessa, Michigan, USA
79) Danny, Michigan, USA
80) Robby, Michigan, USA
81) Regna, Michigan, USA
82) Evan, Michigan, USA
83) Tony, Michigan, USA
84) Miranda, Michigan, USA
85) Lays, Michigan, USA
86) Miles, Michigan, USA
87) Scott, Michigan, USA
89) Jason, Michigan, USA
90) Hunter, Michigan, USA
91) Mason, Michigan, USA
92) Jake, Michigan, USA
93) Bobby, Michigan, USA
94) Josh, Michigan, USA
95) Sarah, Michigan, USA
96) John, Michigan, USA
97) Fijian, Michigan, USA
98) Chelsea, Michigan, USA
99) Justine, Michigan, USA
100) Letter, Michigan, USA
101) Lauren, Michigan, USA
102) Jennie, Michigan, USA
103) Jennie, Michigan, USA
104) Jimmy, Michigan, USA
105) Jessica, Michigan, USA
106) Stephanie, Michigan, USA
107) Crest, Michigan, USA
108) D. J, Michigan, USA
109) T. J, Michigan, USA
110) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
111) Lauren, Michigan, USA
112) Alfa se, Michigan, USA
113) Misrule, Michigan, USA
114) Donec, Michigan, USA
115) Dangle, Michigan, USA
116) Elton, Michigan, USA
117) Maude, Michigan, USA
118) Wendy, Michigan, USA
119) Brian, Michigan, USA
120) Jeff, Michigan, USA
121) Danny, Michigan, USA
122) Holly, Michigan, USA
123) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
124) Rand, Michigan, USA
125) Steven, Michigan, USA
126) Chris, Michigan, USA
127) Joey, Michigan, USA
128) Taylor, Michigan, USA
129) Joe, Michigan, USA
130) Ray, Michigan, USA
131) Jared, Michigan, USA
132) Tin, Michigan, USA
133) Shane, Michigan, USA
134) Samantha, Michigan, USA
135) Nick, Michigan, USA
136) Kathleen, Michigan, USA
137) David, Michigan, USA
138) Brittany, Michigan, USA
140) Sahara, Michigan, USA
141) Ashley, Michigan, USA
142) Liz, Michigan, USA
143) Eva, Michigan, USA
144) Phoebe, Michigan, USA
145) Paige, Michigan, USA
146) Lydia, Michigan, USA
147) Lisa, Michigan, USA
148) Mirjeta, Michigan, USA
149) Go, Michigan, USA
150) Dana, Michigan, USA
151) Loren, Michigan, USA
152) Mara, Michigan, USA
153) Heather, Michigan, USA
154) Annett, Michigan, USA
155) LOMA, Michigan, USA
156) Bernadette, Michigan, USA
158) Marilee, Michigan, USA
159) Daniel, Michigan, USA
160) Mary, Michigan, USA
161) Tom, Michigan, USA
162) Mario, Michigan, USA
163) Bobby, Michigan, USA
164) Margo, Michigan, USA
165) Margin, Michigan, USA
166) Ramie, Michigan, USA
167) Fires, Michigan, USA
168) Sam, Michigan, USA
169) Sarah, Michigan, USA
170) Rowena, Michigan, USA
171) Lauren, Michigan, USA
172) Elaine, Michigan, USA
173) Rose, Michigan, USA
174) Singes, Michigan, USA
175) Irene, Michigan, USA
176) Becky, Michigan, USA
177) Paige, Michigan, USA
178) Jessica, Michigan, USA
179) Merino, Michigan, USA
180) Rebecca, Michigan, USA
181) Emily, Michigan, USA
182) Mealy, Michigan, USA
183) Cathy, Michigan, USA
184) Claudia, Michigan, USA
185) Loan, Michigan, USA
186) Jackie, Michigan, USA
187) Christina, Michigan, USA
188) Amanda, Michigan, USA
189) Amanda, Michigan, USA
190) Amman, Michigan, USA
191) Charnel, Sunderland, UK
192) Rachel, Sunderland, UK
193) Thomas, Newcastle, UK
194) Brad, Newcastle, UK
195) Frances, Newcastle, UK
196) Katy, Newcastle UK
197) Kim, Newcastle, England
198) Steep, Newcastle, UK
199) Jon C, Newcastle UK
200) Ellis Owe, Newcastle UK
201) Kathryn darraign, Newcastle UK
202) Jessica, Newcastle UK
203) Zara, Newcastle UK
204) Baffle, Newcastle, UK
205) natalie,newcastle,uk
206) Amanda, Newcastle, UK
207) Gareth Nelson, Newcast le UK:
208) Jason English, Newcastle UK:
209) Joanna, Newcastle UK
210) Maria, Newcastle UK
211) Abbey, Newcastle
212) Amy, Newcastle
213> Adele, Newcastle, UK
214) Amanda, Newcastle UK
215) Fin, Newcastle, UK
216) Louise, Newcastle, UK
217) James, Newcastle, UK
218) Marci, Newcastle, UK
219) Rachel, Newcastle, UK
220) Daniel Trainer, Newcastle, UK, there truly are some people who don't deserve to live, this bastard is one of them.
221) Samantha wicks, Essex, UK - omega poor lil kittens
222) Farad Gibbons, Newcastle UK, the kittens cud b given a chance poor lil things
223) Erin Doherty, Newcastle, UK - this is sick! (i went on the website!)
224) Haley Turner, Newcastle, UK- this is disgusting sum twisted bastards who do this! :(
225) Abigail Rid, Newcastle, UK - Can't bring myself to go on the website, I'm gonna go smash all the bottles in my house so if they're stolen et.(who would want to steal bottles?), they wont stand a chance in ending up in that sick person's hands!
226) Rory, CREF UK
227) Lesley carnoustie UK
228) hazel, carnoustie, UK
229) Julia Scott Carnoustie, UK this is horrible. will this petition actually help?
230) Jade Wallace, Scotland, UK
231) Francisco Lloyd, Warwickshire, England
232) Katie Merely, Warwickshire, England
233) Arch Woodhams, Warwickshire, U. K
234) Jacqueline Makin,Worcestershire,UK
235)Freya Luan, Manchester, UK
236) Robert denying Manchester UK, if you don't agree then u should have a cold death in hell i mean that
237) Danielle Howarth, Manchester, UK
238) Sierran Cunningham Liverpool UK
239) Charlotte Smith, Lancaster, UK
240) Beck Hodkinson, Blackbird, UK
241) Sarah Smith,Blackburn,UK
242) Becki Jackson lower Darwen,UK
243) Emily Harlan, Darwin, lances, UK
244) Katy Allen, St. Annis, Lances, UK
245) Zoe Jennings, UK
247) Grant Kerrie, UK .......NOTHING TO SAY JUST DO IT (sign)
248) Siobhan Harper, UK this is disgusting and sick plaza sign this
249) Hannah Catarrhal, UK
250) Philip kid, UK
251) gioia UK
252) Emma UK
253) Steep UK has jus twisted
254) Olli Richardson
UK 255) Emma Green, Stourbridge, UK i h8 cats but this is wrong
256) Amy Dickinson, Stourbridge, UK SKI N WRONG PPI SKI N WRONG
257) Sophie Watson, Wolverhampton ---> You wouldn't want it to happen To you, Would you?
258) thetas jus sad, faking counts, funk u u Chinese wankers. i h8 cats But Still -Sunny, UK
259) Sophie, Wolverhampton, UK- sick, who would do this 2 any living Creature?
260) Katie, castleford, UK, its so unfair 2 do it 2 older cats n any liven Thing never mind little poor defenseless kittens ITS SO RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
261) Katie sheared normanton. Thetas so titer r u mentally disabled or Summat? Or 1 of those siccus on Americas most wanted? Cats do not go in Bottles.... coca cola n tango might but not bloody CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
262) Olive, Leeds, UK- Thetas just prop gay. GET THE SPCA!!! Poor Cats Y don't every gang up and shove him in a bottle!
263) Sam, Whitby, Canada
264) Blake, Whitely, Canada
265) Andrew, Whitely, Canada
266) Stephanie, Whitely, Canada
267) Alex, Whitely, Canada
268) Nathan, Whitby, Canada
269) Brittany, Whitby, Canada
270) Steven, Whitby, Canada
271) Kristen, Whitby, Canada
272) Sarah, Whitby,Canada
273) Tyler, Whitby, Canada
274) Josh, Whitby, Canada
275) Chris, Whitby, Canada
276) Chris, Whitby, Canada
277) Kelsey, Vancouver, Canada
278) shyanne, Vancouver, Canada
279) Vanessa, Port Moody, Canada
280) Inyae Lee, Port Moody, Canada
281) Kayla, Anmore, Canada
282) Carley Vancouver,Washinton
283) Hannah Vancouver, Washington, USA
284) Geneva, Vancouver, Washington, USA
285) Shelby, Vancouver, Washington, USA
286) Sierra, Vancouver, Washington, USA
287) Lydia, Vancouver, Washington, USA
288) Abby, Vancouver, Washington, USA
289) Theresa, Vancouver, Washington, USA
290) Scott, Vancouver, Washington, USA
291) Steve, Vancouver, Washington, USA
292) Lucille, Vancouver, Washington, USA
293) Nawatha Goerzen, Fresno, CA USA
294) holly Melvyn Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
295) Jeff Ellis, Visalia ca USA
296) mend Ellis, Visalia ca, USA
297) Cory Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
298) melody Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
299) Cody Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
300) Lindsey Griffith USA
301) Marisa Shipment, Visalia, CA, USA
302) Lays Johnson, Visalia, Ca USA
303) brad breve, Visalia, ca USA
304) Ian Forsythia, Visalia, ca USA
305) Hannah Clevenger, Visalia, CA, USA
306) Lauren Hale, Visalia, California, USA (please sign it would mean a lot to everyone on this petition)!
307) Scott Hale, Visalia, Ca, USA
308) Cheryl Sweden, Visalia, Ca, USA
309) Hannah Hills, Visalia, Ca, USA
310) Chelsea Hale, Vial, Ca, USA
311) Michael Hills, Visalia, Ca, USA
312) Tyler Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
313) Jeered Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
314) Sherri Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
315) Ron Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
316) Kristen Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
317) Josh Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
318) Jade Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
319) Trash Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
320) Jeffery Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
321). ~*BeCcA RiCh*~. ViSaLiA, cA, uSa
322) Catherine Rich, Visalia, Ca, USA
323) Matt Bowman New Lebanon OH
324) Kristen Moody, New carlisle Ohio
325) Henry Piercey, Reading (kinda lol) UK. PLEASE SIGN! THIS IS SOOOO NASTY!
326) Rachel, Reading, England. OMG, PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO CRUEL!
327) Eleanor, Reading, England. Save them before more kittens are put in Bottles! ): ___; STUPID JAPANESE SHIT FACE!!1
328) Jacquelyn, Reading, England. Poor ickle kittens
329) Aparna deSousa, Reading, England. I hope that Japanese man is punished...the same thing shud happen to him to make him realize how HORRIBLE it is
330) Nithya G Subramaniam ............... please help us cause ' this man is soooo cruel toooooo those little things who have done nothing to him each name can help in putting a stop tooo this kind of acts from taking place .................
331)Urvashi Goverdhan, Bangalore, India
332) Tanisha Christo, Bangalore, India
333) meg,ipswich,england...deese people r sick, how would they llike 2 b in da bottle! :( poor kittens
334) claudia, ipswich, england
335) Abigail tall, England
336) Melissa, Ipswich, England
337) Rebecca, Ipswich, England
338) Nicola, Ipswich, England
339) Leanne, Ipswich, England
340) Maria,Ipswich,England
341) Sophie, Kesgrave, Ipswich, England
342) Sammie, Huddersfield, UK.
343) Clem' , Lancaster, Uk....
344) Jess,brum england
345) Dani, Tamworth, England , this is sick plz sign it, how could there be any 1 in this world who would wanna do that, it should be done to them see how they like it
346) Daniel, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
347)Carl, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
348) Nicky, Caloundra, QLD, Australia.
349) leona,QLd, australia
350) Grace, Qld, australia
351) Alyssa JAckson, QLD, Australia
352) Karlie, QLD, AUSTRALIA
353) Emily, QLD, Australia
354) Stephanie, QLD, Australia
355) Stephanie, QLD, Australia this is tha most horrible thing i have heard for a long time plz sign i luv kittens and i dont really wanna no dat this will keep going on
336) suzanne,qld,australia
337. melanie, qld. australia
338. Haylee,qld, australia
339) Jessica, qld, australia
340) Simmone,qld, australia
341) Bryana, QLD, Australia
342) Katie-lou, QLD, Australia
343) Blair_m94, QLD, Australia send hate mail to webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com he mus be a sick barsted
344)Michael, auckland, NZ
345) Karmel, auckland, NZ ....LETS SHOVE HIS FUCKING ASIAN ASS IN A JAR!!!!
346) Matt Harris, Auckland, NZ ,.,.,., Fucking gooks and Japenese Shit face
349) Tracey Glass, New Zealand
350) Roneel Hira, Auckland New Zealand
351) Krystal Gray, Rotorua, New Zealand
352) Vicki, Tokoroa, New Zealand
353) Raewyn, Morrinsville, New Zealand
355)Emma, Wellington, NZ
356) Jon a.k.a Jono a.k.a J Doggy Dog, Northland, NZ - People this is sick sign this and get it to 500! It is so cruel and fuck the cunts who do it.
357) Paula, Lower Hutt, NZ (This site is disturbing and sick. Lets do sumthin about it).
358) Asha, NZ
359) Sabrina, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
400) Brooke, Christchurch, New Zealand. Just for the record I didn't think this was happening in New Zealand but if it really is then we aren't such a great country. Anyone who does this or even buys these should be ashamed of themselves.
401) Holly, Christchurch, New Zealand - I also haven't seen/heard anything about this ever havine happened in New Zealand. Hopefully it isn't because it is sickening. I'm pleased to see so many people signing this petition. Hopefully it works, apparently it did last time. Might I also suggest leaving messages on the website, if this hasn't been done already, although try to stay away from overly abusive things because swearing at him and cursing him won't achieve anything, but reporting him to people who can stop him will! Also, for those of you who don't notice it further up, mail can be sent to webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com. I don't know whether this address exists or not, but it's worth a try...
402) Jennie, Missouri, USA
403) Soujanya, Hyderabad, India.---I think its a pity that such horrid things are happening, hope this will be put to an end soon.
404) Amber, Williamsburg, USA
405) Kristi, Williamsburg, USA
406) Mark, Williamsburg, USA
406) Joshua, Williamsburg, USA
407) Jessica, Chandler, USA
408) Laura, Chandler, USA
409) David, Chalder, USA
410) Amanda, Chandler, USA
411) Sarah, Chandler, USA
412) Cara Harding, USA
413) Lorraine Cornell, USA
414)Anna Jones, UK
415) helin khan, UK
416) Olivia Penny, Portsmouth England (R.I.P lil kitties <3 <3)
418)Marissa! Ontario, Canada
419)Emily Boshart Ontario, Canada
420 ) Nicole Ludington Ontario, Canada
421)Chris Schofield Newton Ontario Cananda Earth
422)Dustin Chamney Ontario Canada
423)Danielle Hockey Ontario Canada
424)Lisa Smith Ontario Canada
425)Elaine Seibert Ontario Canada
426)Courtney Stahle Ontario Canada
427)Melinda Hudgin Ontario Canada
428-Amanda Savage*Ontario, Canada*
429-Kayla Bunning Alberta Canada
430- Tonya Mikinion USA*
431-Britany Matthews Alabama,USA
432)Cheyenne Carter Alabama, USA,
433)Jess edwards Chatham Ontario Canada
444) Mabel Tu, Sydney Australia
445) Bernadette Phu, Sydney, NSW, Australia--------This is repulsive and nauseating just to think of it. Can't the bastard see that this is INHUMANE?! Are we intelligent primates or what?! Not only is it flithy having someone shove live animals into restricitve bottles, but ppl. are BUYING live animals shoved into growth restrictive bottles!!! I suppose it would be sick if the cats are killed, but at least they would be just like preserved stautettes, but they are desperately GROWING in these bottles! Com' on ppl. Only 55 signatures to go. We gotta put a stand against this!--------
446) Tiffany D, Sydney Australia- This shit is fucking sick. Shove the fucker in a bottle. Cunt.
447) Heather, Pennsylvania, USA
448) Tara, California, USA
449) Monica, California, USA poor kittys!
450) Courtney::Cali, USA burn! die u asssss save the kitties in a botttle.
451)yanni, san clemente, california USA- you guys are fuckin sick- what the hell were you thinking???? kittens are living things you asswipe- how would you like it to be stuck in a little bottle for the rest of your life? fuckin sicko- and those pics on your page dont look convincing- only coldhearted heroin adicts would buy that- i hope that not only they shut down your socalled operation, but that they stick you in a jar for 5 years so you know how it feels- i pity you, and ill never have your back-
452.) Maureen, California- fucking sick-o...
453.) Will, California usa
454.) Mike - California
455.) Kevin - California, we need wayne brady to go over there and choke a bitch!!!
457.) Hugo - California
458.) Bryan - California
450) Ashley-Virginia
453)Sophie- California
454)Andrew---Long Island, New York
455) Alba, California
456)ashley:) , tulare, cali!
457)~!*Ashley*!~ Porterville, California
458)**Kristi** Porterville, CA
459)Chris-porterville, california
460)Jacob ~Porterville California~
461)Matt ~Porterville California~
462-tawney-ORANGE COUNTY ca
463) Christine- Westchester NY USA... KILL THESE ASSHOLES PLEASEE!!! im being totally hoenst!
464)Josh-Eugene Oregon- this is soo fucked up those ppl need to be hurt
465) Mia..West Point, Utah...this is soo mussed up, i can't even believe people would do this shit to a living thing...i am outraged...seriously...this is like disgusted and disturbing!!
466) Brendan-Hamilton NJ, alright bitches....this is the sickest thing i have ever seen in my life...the put a cat in a box and used it as a toy for a fucking toddler...if i ever find the pple that are doing this i swear ill rip them apart
467) Skanky, hamilton nj what the fuck man kittens are the shit i say we all go piss on these people
468) CASAY- HAMILTON,NJ..this is nasty
469) Eric - hamilton nj
470) Julie -* New Jersey
471) Cassie, Hamilton, NJ
472) Linda. H-town, nj
473) Lisa - Hamilton, NJ(Every body better fucking Sign this or you're all fucking assholes and this deserves to happen to you too. And you better not want to know me either.)
474) Jess. Hamilton NJ
475)Kya.Lawrenceville NJ
477)Katrina-California-OMFG HE SHOULD BE SHOVED IN A BOTTLE ASS WIPE!!! *cries*
479) Salonee- California- Since we all know the hosts of that site have an ass fetish....
480) Kyle-California wtf is their problem?
481) Alex-CA, that is goddamn disgusting. they WILL rot in hell
482) Lexi-CA, If I were to ever meet the guy who started this. I could rot in jail I don't care as long as this guy was DEAD! FUCKED UP
483) Clare-CA, man he is GROSS...I hope somebody rapes him. kitties are the best things in the world and he needs to disappear off the face of the earth and rot in hell!
Paint the Town

[21 Jan 2005|10:48pm]

you suck.

go die.



7 s | Paint the Town

Ya see my problem is this...I'm dreamin away. [19 Jan 2005|10:53pm]

Okay! lots to el talko abouto! Okay so if you read the entry before this I was and still am a bit unhappy about leaving LACES. I left A LOT behind and I'm still sad about my friends and people and stuff...but I must say my first day at Orville wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Suprisingly, everybody I talked to was nice to me and helped me find my classes, and I already spotted a crush! His code name...**Chikita Banana** OMG guys...SO cute! eeee!!! It's such a typical Clare thing to already find a crush on the first day without even talkin to him, gahaha!This is gonna be so random, but look at this pic of Gisele, its just so cute i gotta post it! Okay, you guys mite think I'm weird...but i think it's just too cute with the pink car or watevers behind her and shes washin it@ ...gosh watever! Its cute if u forget that her boobs are poppin out! Well..watever she IS a Victorias Secret model...no neways! bak to the first day...like in all movies and shit, I would be walking and people would be pointing and talking and looking at me and I was trying to guess whether it was good or bad, but anyways, yeah. I <3 Gisele...and Ricky-boo, and my LACES ppl!  <33333 OH one more thang..


Okay so I may hate her...but I have to admit that is just too cute, and I likehim better with her than with Cameron Diaz...*sigh*


Okay just..ONE MORE



YOWZERS!!!!! eeeee!

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[18 Jan 2005|10:32pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

   hahahah! My hunny is in a retro-ish movie soon, thats SUCH a funny picture! But... still sexay!


So ANYWAYS, today has been...wow. A lot of thinking to do. So turns out that today was supposed to be my meeting at school deciding what my consequence is for what i did a few weeks ago, and it was TOTALLY different than what i thought it would be. I thought they were gonna talk to me and I would be able to stand up for myself and they could hear my side, but, no the meeting was totally different. There was a meeting this week with the administrators of my school and they decided my fate, and turns out, beause of a state law, no matter WHAT they say, I can't stay at LACES. So what they did is, they just gave me a chance that I would leave LACES, go to my home school, and nothing would be on my record. This whole thing just, really sucks. I honestly didnt think it would turn out this way and I'm just...really sad. I thought at least they would let me finish the fucking semester so I could say goodbye and everything but I'm enrolling in Orville Wright TOMORROW. *sigh* there were so many people I wanted to talk to and set things straight with before i left and, i dont know but I'm getting really depressed. I mean, of course I'll be able to see my good friends but what about the people that I talk to, but I'm not super close with? I just never see them again...and I mean just talking about all this shit I;ve gone through makes me really sad. Sure, I definately complained a lot about LACES, but still...just LEAVING was hard. One thing I'm really gonna miss is cheer. I doubt they have a team at Orville, and I was just starting to be happy with cheer. I had people in my grade there, and we have the gym now, but you know, I made a HUGE fucking mistake and I guess this is the was I have to deal with it. I wish i could know who told on me. Ms Miller told me it was one of ym friends who "cares" about me, but if they honestly cared, they wouldn't have told, they knew what would happen, and I hope their fucking ass is happy now. I saw Laisha in the bathroom and I'm not even super close with her and just seeing her and sayin I was leaving made me real sad, and iono, i think leaving for high school would be leaving a good year and starting new, but THIS...it just isnt rite. The only good thing about this process is that I'll be with my oldest best friend Sam at her school so I wont be TOTALLY alone, but I can just see whats gonna happen..it's gonna be just lyk laces anmd every1 is gonna hate me for no reason and I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight thinkin about first impressions and what I'm gonna wear. Aye...rite now I'm just a total mess and I need to stop crying because I need to be strong about this and just learn. All this shit is my own fault, and thats just the bttom line. Nobody is probably reading this, but if you go to laces and I know you, I will definately miss you, and I dont know what else t sya other than, that I made a huge mistake and thta I'm an idiot for that. I <3 you if you honestly <3 me, but I doubt anyone does if my supposed friend told on me and got me kicked out. I need to stop complaing and go, so...I'll proibly neevr see some of you again so please keep it touch, <3



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[17 Jan 2005|06:12pm]






Okay so I've got some pics from Alexis' house Friday night! We had soo much fun!! Enjoy...and PS Rick Gonzalez is beautiful!


haha, we were playin in the mirror!

haha, the story of our life...cupcakes, now and laters, chips, and crystal lite!

hahah messin in the mirror again!

 Look at this skinny ass bitch! It's sooo not fair.


hahahaha look at my slobby ass...drinking some crystal lite from the pitcher!

 hahah in the mirror...AGAIN! this pic is too funny...

 I look lyk a big fatass in this picture, but whatever. She caught me off guard, thas why, lol.


okay, I'm done! hope u whores likey !

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She's a lucky, dum dum dum, she's a star, but she cries, cries, cries in her lonely heart thinkin.. [16 Jan 2005|10:38am]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey babes! Okay so last night didnt exactly go as expected, *sigh* Me and Alexis were SUPPOSED to see Coach Carter to see MY husband Rick Gonzalez, and we were waiting to see it for lyk EVER! So we kind of assumed it would get sold out so we told my mom we wanted to go an hour before, but of course, since she doesnt trust me anymore, *sigh* she wouldnt let us go that early and it sold out! We ended up in effing Meet the Fockers that I already saw and it was kinda stupid, :( So there goes our night! Although I must say there were some SEXY boys at the bridge, aye carumba! So yeah we saw that and then alexis' mom picked her up from my house, and yah! Tonight is Rheya's party and I STILL don't know if my moms gonna let me, shes still "thinkin about it" and tdiscussing it with my dad, I really wanna go! So neways, I was doing some quizzesCollapse ) today cuz I am just too bored...well, I'm done, bye!


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I'm lyk surrounded by furniture, ooh lala! [10 Jan 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | crammed in my room! ]

  Soo today was...interesting and definately NOT what I was expecting! So today was the first day back from Winter Break for school for my friends but not me, no siree! I'm not gonna be at school aaallll week. I know I know, you probly goin, "omg, that lucky bitch" but you have nooo idea what it's like being with my mom all day! So I thought that today would be all punishment and I would have to do chores and read disgusting books for my english calss and that bleh shit! Buuut...turns out today my moms friend who happens to be an interior designer came over to start her project on, dunuh nuh nuuuuh...MY HOUSE!  So my mom wants to decroate all the rooms of the house and take away the "bad feng-shui" in each room...and you can just imagine how badly feng-shuied my room is! I've been wanting to re-do my room foever because this purple from when i was 7 is just NOT workin! The only problemo is, that we;re most likely movie within this yuear or next year and of course, if you know me, you know that if it were MY decision my room would be HAWT PINK....but my effing parents are saying it's gotta be white for when the house goes on sale *big sigh* buuuuuut since my mom has an interior designer helping around the house, she PROMISED that it wouldnt be bland and she would help to spice it up and make it Ckare and not just boring white! Or and Mirin said, "not too Amish!" MUAHAHHAHAHHAHA! okay sorry. So yeah I'm excited and we srarted today by buying the paint, filling the holes in my wall, moving all my furniture to the center of my room, getting rid of all the clothes that i dont want anymore, (ahem, *2* trashbags full!!) and all that jazz. Tomorrow me and the interior designer lady are gonna start painting and organizing my **shit**! And may In add that my mom needed to run a few eerands down at the mall so of COURSE I tagged along and hit up that sale at Victoria's Secret, psssssh! It's huge, you guys shud go, it's awesome! Yeah so I guess my day wasn't too bad for being suspended, eh? I swear my mom has *discipline* on me...I <3 it! Anyways, I g2g to sleep even tho I'm not goin to school like you ho's tomorow, muahaha! <33333333



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[09 Jan 2005|05:30pm]
[ mood | drained ]

  Soo these past two days have actually been fun! So hmm..where do we start, oh yes, FridayCollapse ) And then we go to SaturdayCollapse ) and finally todayCollapse )


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[06 Jan 2005|10:15pm]
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I dont feel good and I'm bored and when I'm bored I think too much...about something. [05 Jan 2005|09:48pm]
To pick up none ur business: You must be Jamaican... because Jamaican me crazy.

haha..the none of your business part, the thingy asks you who you wanna score with and thats my busnass!
Anyways...theres this new song by Ryan Cabrera and I liike itt!

I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So I will not hide
Its time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

You dont know what you do
Everytime you walk into the room
Im afraid to move
Im weak
Its true
Im just scared to know the ending
Do you see me too?
Do you even know u met me?

I've waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So I will not hide
Its time to try anything to be with you
All my life I've waited

I likey!

I fucking HATE being super bored. I think waaay too much and then I just get sadder as sadder...i doubt sadder is even a words, lol. I need something to pre-occupy me because if I keep thinking about this certain things I'm never gonna forget about them or get over them! i sound SO retarded rught now trying to conceal what I'm talking about but...I don't care how stupid I sound because I would sound stupider saying the REAL truth. Aye, see if I really was gonna be true to me resolution I would just come out and say all the shit thats bothering me but I mean, ifyou think about it, LJ is kind of like talking to yourself and I feel mental. OMG I need to stop, UGH! I have fucking cheer practice and I REALLY dont wanna go but you kow it's not like I'm gonna be doing anything any so fine, whatever I'll go and deal with some of these people that I hate..only because I'm bored though. I feel so pathetic right now and that damn fucking song that I used to be in love with is on every 5 minutes on 5 different stations and it keeps reminding me, of the stuff I'm trying to forget but that i remember when I'm bored and hear fucking LET ME LOVE YOU every second. Okay lemme read that over cuz I doubt that made sense at all..oh, it kind of made sense. The stupid thing about this, is that I have TONS of homework that I could be doing, then I wouldn't hear Let Me Love You a bunch of times and be reminded, and if I would do my fucking work then my grades wouldn't be like they are, but I just DONT DO IT. I have a fucking book that I'm supposed to read and I haven't even got it but I keep procrastinating because it'sonly 90 pages BUT STILL. Man Winter break is good for the sleeping and thats it. I get so bored and get depressed and EAT a lot...I'm just so bored I have nothing elseto do other than eat, lol. Watch Imma gain like 50 pounds then NOBODY will want me...lol imma stop now bcuz I look stupid enough.. If anyone actually read this, I <3 you

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My Tummy hurts [05 Jan 2005|10:43am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Okay so...yesterday me and my mom picked up Alexis from her Dad's house, then we went to Costco for groceries, then we came home and chilledfor a little while. Then my cousin came and we went to Blockbuster and rented 28 Days Later. It was SO scary...omg! But it was good, i liked it. And not to mention there was A SExy English guy in it ;) So yeah then we stayed up pretty late and watched Ace ventura with my brother and we fell asleep to that pretty much. And..Alexis' dadpicked her up lyk a half hour ago cuz she has to go to her first Orthadontist appointment...I dont want her to get braces!! Oh well... OMG so theres this HILARIOUS picture of me and Alexis that we took RIGHT in the morning once, and I'm gonna post it because I forgot how funny it was!!!

AHAHAHAHA!!!Okay maybe its only funny for me cuz I'm in the pciture...or maybe you just had to be there, lol. So NEHOOOOO....yesterday before we picked up Alexis, me and my mom were at Macy's and she was getting something and before we went at home I was BEGGING for her to get me the Dooney&Bourke purse that Ive been wanting forever and FINALLY the day came and..I GOT IT!!! http://store.dooney.com/OA_HTML/dbibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=15111 and and and, I want these!!http://store.dooney.com/OA_HTML/dbibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=18554 I need to save up my money for those, those are too cute!!! But they dont have white to match my purse, how tragic!!! Well, their still cute! :D So anyways I'm here with my little brother and thats the only way I could've gotten my purse so I gotta babysit a few times...aye. Well, watever, its worth it to me! Okay im tired, bye!


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omg... [03 Jan 2005|05:43pm]
Soo...today was very boring for me and Alexis so we were talking on AIM and heres the result of our boredness......

boboqty92: imma rap
boboqty92: lol;
boboqty92: i went to my lexus
boboqty92: thinkin i was in teas
boboqty92: texxas*
boboqty92: but no i was in la ,california
boboqty92: when the people
boboqty92: eat food
boboqty92: and smooke stuff
boboqty92: and kill people for fun
boboqty92: dont miss with mee
boboqty92: im a double GG
boboqty92: so im out of this place and in yo face
boboqty92: so dont move
boboqty92: or else u gon get bruised
boboqty92: chill out
boboqty92: and ill chilll u out
boboqty92: till u dead
boboqty92: in the head
boboqty92: peace out

she is SO gangster!!!
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promotions! [03 Jan 2005|11:02am]

Click the banner to visit the community!
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[01 Jan 2005|04:38pm]

I'm Summer from The O.C.!!

Who are you most like on The O.C.?

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I'm baaaccckkk!! [31 Dec 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'M FINALLY HOME!!! Yes, i know none of you probly missed me, but fuck you, I'm home!! I haven't got the camera developed from Las Vegas yet well cuz, duh, i just got home!! And, no, I don't have a digital camera i used a disposable one cuz I'm a cheapass ;) So yeah, I cud write a lot about the trip but i dont wanna right now, I'll do it when I post the pics, so yeah. So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and, Alexis is coming over laters and maybe Susie but I'm not sure yet, but it'll be a nice new year :)

Milkshake by Kelis

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
I could teach you
But I have to charge"

You can work it! And you started a new trend or two in 2004!

hahah....maybe thats true. I should've gotten the one that says you fell in love, cuz, yeah. But i guess that doesn't count cuz...well FUCK IT watevur. I missed cheer practice I think cuz of Vegas...see if i care ANYWAY. Well, update later with pictures, *smooch*
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OH-MY-EFFING-GAWD!!! [27 Dec 2004|11:38pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

OMG...I'm in Vegas right now and I just typed a long entry bout a lot of shit and my stupid little brother came and turned off the effing computer!!!!!! I HATE him sometimes! Well...I'm in Las vegas at this lyk, Resort and they have a computer room, so yeah that brings us...here. I went Bungee Jumping today!!! It was SO fun! Yeah and when I get home, imma scan the pic they took when I jumped off, my hair is NOT the business but it's okay. Well, I don't really have a lot of time but I just wanna say that even tho my friends kinda...aye...well I miss them, thats the point. Well, imma go so all you hoes BETTER leave me nice comments because this trip is starting to suck, badly, and I need a bit of comfort! Well, <3 you guys, buuuh-bye!!


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I gotta pee, but the toilet is lyk, clogged!! [24 Dec 2004|09:30pm]
OMG OMG I GOTTA PEEEE!!! Anyways, I think the plans for Las Vegas with my family is cancelled because my parents were fighting and i heard from my room my mom yelling,"FINE THEN, WE JUST WONT GO!!" lol but she'll probably change her mind like always. I was kinda sad anyways cuz Alexis cudnt come with and it just wudnt be fun with just my family... :/ I'm starting to get REALLY bored with this break and i dunno where to go, or who to go with. I'm kinda just lyk...blech. Yeah, it's Christmas Eve and I'm jewish <33 But for some reason, even though I'm jewish, I feel a wittle bit, Christmas-y. Well...Tomorrow I'm going to my cousins' house cuz my mom's dad converted, so he celebrates Chrsitmas. Imma get some presents so i'll update you on that but, yeah. If I dont update for a while, that means that I went to Las vegas, if i do that means my mom's being a bitch and we aren't going,lol. I hope everyone who's reading this is having or has a Merry Christmas! I heart you.

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TINA, YOU LARD-ASS COME GET UR FOOD, GOSH! [22 Dec 2004|04:34pm]

 Okay, so I'm home now from Samantha's house and it was funners! We watched Napoleon Dynamite, Sixteen Candles,  & Fast Times at Ridgemont High! We decided to go 80's minus Napoleon Dynamite, lol. I liked all the movies and it was super fun! We satyed up till lyk 3 AM but we had to go to sleep cuz her parents were waking up at 4, so yeah. We talked for a while though! hahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!




Anyways, I'm kinda bored already and I've been home for lyk 10 minutes...nobody's here and thats why I'm on the computer...idk wat to do, maybe I'll call Alexis, idk. This break is kinda...blech. I can't do a lot of stuff that I planned to do cuz of, _______...well you know. I wanna just do watever but noe my moms lyk, omg is there gonna be a parent? are you guys going out? nananana....its so annoying, shes gotten protective whihc SUX cuz before she didnt relli care. bye!


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[21 Dec 2004|12:27pm]


Aright I'm super bored so imma post a few pics of Justin for the everyone to adore because, yes, he IS the sexiest man on this whole earth!!!!

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